Passion for the bike?

Looking for a special gift? We present you STILO, the stand suitable for all types of bicycles for both parking and maintenance. In all the best shops or on our e-shop

  • Ideal to be used like display stand or like bike parking,as well as “DIY“ maintenance stand
  • Due to the 2 adjustable hooks, it is suitable for every type of rear fork and wheel diameter, do not interfere whit wheel spokes
  • Anti-slip feet and soft PVC coated hooks, finishing treatment : zinc coated and texture grey painted
  • patented




Base: 380×360 mm    Height:  630 mm Weight: 2 Kg

bike sho

Cosmobike, demonstrations of how to use Electric

Our e-bike repair work benck is a real jewel for the state-of-the-art workshops and modern repair workshops, an advanced work tool that provides highly professional, safe and precise assistance. On display at pad. 6 stand D7-1 with other quality designed products and bike maintenance products, tools and equipment for both professional mechanic and do-it-yourself. Our technicians will show to the mechanics how to use it and let them verify the many benefits.

This extraordinary tool is truly unique in its kind

In fact, not only was the attention of the Italian press specializing as BS Bici Sport (April 2017) and MTB (June 2017), but also an excellent review of Bike Europe, the leading Dutch magazine in the e- bike and cycle market. But how does it work? Electric is equipped with a gearmotor, by operating a pedal device, the counter work plane goes down to floor level. Thanks to a small ramp, you can load the bicycle – which normally weights more than 20 kg – without any effort and place it at the correct height for maintenance. The bench is equipped with a standard emergency stop system.

There are 5 main advantages of this innovative work desk

First: physical ability or muscular effort is not required by the repair bumper for lifting the electric bike. Second: unlike other obsolete systems for fixing the bike, such as bushes or chains, Electric does not compromise the integrity of the chassis during repair, avoid scratches on the paint or accidental dents. Electric is fitted with a front wheel or fork lift and fixing device and is compatible with all tires, as it is equipped with a kit of mounting adapters, also for mono-fork bikes such as Cannondale. Third: reduces e-bike assembly or maintenance time, improves operator performance, both in terms of speed and quality. Fourth: possibility to decide on the exact placement of the work plane. The mechanic intervening on the various parts of the bike is not forced to take wrong positions for the back during the repair. The uphill and downhill are possible thanks to a pantograph system, driven by an electric gearmotor with inverter and worm, pedal board equipped with a safety device for stopping. Fifth: Electric is compatible with all types of bicycles with 12, 15 and 20 mm diameter pivoting pulleys, Down Hill, MTB, Cross Country pincers, for front monoforce like Cannondale, Fulcrum pins, for rear forks width 135/142/145/148/197 mm. It comes with a kit of mounting adapters. It’s a real jewel for cutting-edge workshops and modern repair workshops, an advanced work tool that provides cyclists with highly professional and accurate care.

Closed for summer holidays from 7th till 25th august.

Back to the office on 28th.

eurobike friedrichshafen germania


1,350 participants from all over the world are expected in Friedrichshafen at Eurobike Show, the world’s leading bicycle fair. “Eurobike is the world’s largest bicycle display showcase, which in 2017 will mark its many highlights, a further milestone in bicycling history,” explains Klaus Wellmann, managing director of the Friedrichshafen Fair.

Business Days

During the Eurobike Business Days, which will take place from Wednesday 30th August to Friday 1st September, the international fair will focus on the special needs of the sector. Exhibitors will be in contact with over 40,000 industry operators and 1,700 world media representatives. The Eurobike Festival Day, which will take place on 2 September, is aimed at all the bikers with a rich program of shows, action and exhibitions. Alongside the many novelties that will be made available to the audience for the tests, stunt performances will also be held at the fair, where professional athletes will perform.

Gioma Bikestand will be present

Eurobike 2017 is open from August 30 to September 2 from 9am to 6pm. In the Business Days from Wednesday to Friday, our delegation will visit the fair. If you would like to meet us at Friedrichshafen because we are interested in the international distribution of our products, please contact us via mail by August 28 to set up an appointment.

Gran Fondo Feltre, Sportful Dolomites Race 2017

Gioma Bikestand will be present at Expo Village starting on Friday 16th June with its technical equipments for parking, maintenance and repair of the cycle. The city of Feltre (Belluno, Veneto) will be invaded by cyclists from all over the world ready to complete their enterprise, the Gran Fondo. Like every year a great show with the Sportful Dolomiti Race, a cycling race that saw 4600 cyclists last year, one of the most challenging cycling events of the European calendar. Beside granfondists from all over the world, there were numerous champions of various sports disciplines: Pietro Piller Cottrer, Antonio Rossi, Paolo Bettini, Silvio Fauner, Christian Zorzi, Jury Chechi, Gabriella Paruzzi and Rossano Galtarossa and many others.

Gioma Bikestand presents the new GIOSY

On Friday 16th and Saturday  17th June, Gioma Bikestand staff will present its new parking stand, even more stable and robust than before, with its new design even more appealing to the enthusiasts of the two wheels. His name is GIOSY and is set to become another best seller of Gioma Bikestand. It is ideal for bike show and parking. Differences between GIOSY and STILO? Equally functional and robust, what differentiates them is the locking system mainly: front or rear wheel for GIOSY, rear fork for STILO.

The new Sportful Dolomiti Race logo

The 2017 edition will have a new logo with the predominant image of Manghen’s wolf, which has become an indivisible icon of the event, so many cyclists have come to tattoo the same logo on the calfs as a permanent memory of the race.


The Sportful Dolomiti Race edition number 23 was opened in April. The first 500 subscribers are entitled to a privileged starting grid over who will sign up next.

Gioma at BikeUp Lecco 2017

From Friday 12th to Sunday 14th May, BikeUp 2017 fair dedicated to e-bike industry will take place in Lecco. The Lombardy’s province capital city on the charming lake will be for  the fourth time the world capital of the electric bicycle, sustainable mobility and cycling. The last year the fair had excellent results: 30,000 visitors passed through the squares of Lecco, 60 exhibitors, 4200 the texts on pedelec, 450 e-bike tour the made in those days and about 260 articles that the press dedicated to the event.

Gioma Bikestand and its innovative Electric desk for e-bikes

Gioma will be present in Lecco in the open air expo area in Piazza XX Settembre with its full range of specialized products for bikers and technical equipment either for professional mechanics and cyclist amateurs. In particular, Gioma will show an innovative product designed and manufactured specifically for those involved professionally in the maintenance and repair of electric bikes. It’s Electric, a working bench unique of its kind enough to deserve an article in the prestigious magazine Bike Europe. It is a bench authomatized thanks to a motor in order to facilitate the work of professional mechanics and is recommended especially for the repair of heavier bike, such as e-bikes that normally weigh more than 20 Kg.

The working plan goes down to floor level

The bench is driven by a device with pedals, the working plan drops to the floor level and thanks to a ramp allows you to upload the bicycle without any effort and to place it at the correct height for maintenance. In addition, the work bench Electric is equipped with a device for lifting and fixing of the wheel or the front fork, and is compatible with all tires. It comes with a mounting adapter kits, even for the single bicycle fork as Cannondale. It is equipped with a security system for an emergency stop.

A growing segment

In the world of the cycling, e-bike industry is steadily increasing and spreading e-bike is now a stabilized worldwide phenomenon. This success has led to more and more driven research, it is now one of the leader segment of the entire cycling industry and stimulates other sectors, such as bike hotel. Although the segment of mountain bike has adopted the electric motor, finally reaching to organize excursions and special competitions for electric bike.

Lots of events for all

Cyclo meeting, excursions, competitions, courses, testing, ride-up, contests, children’s activities, entertainment, expo and much more to discover on the website of BikeUp.
BikeUp is a free entrance except for some specific activities.

Garda Trentino 2017  Ziener Bike Festival

From April 28th to May 1st the best MTB enthusiasts will gather in full force on Lake Garda for the traditional first race of the season. Here are expected 3.000 bikers, 40.000 visitors and over 150 exhibitors for an event that promises to be unforgettable.

Gioma Bikestand is present

We are present at the exhibition at booth G33 with our wide range of products for the maintenance of the bike, equipments for bikers (little maintenance and DIY) and also machanics (professional equipment). Among the technical items we produce, one stands out for its highly innovative caliber: the electrical bench for bike repairing, even the heaviest ones. “We are so proud of our Electric bench” so says Francesco Latassa, owner and CEO of the company.

A single bench of its kind, earning an article in the prestigious magazine Bike Europe

The Electric bench is automated thanks to a motor that facilitates the work of professional mechanics. It is recommended especially for the repair of the heaviest bikes, such as e-bikes that normally weight more than 20 kg. Powered by a device with pedals, the work plan drops to the floor level and thanks to a ramp, it allows to load the bicycle without any effort and to place it at the correct height for maintenance. In addition, the working  bench Electric is equipped with a device for lifting and fixing the wheels or the front fork, and it is compatible with all tires. It is sold with a mounting adapter kits, so it is possible to use it for all types of bikes including those such as the single fork Cannondale. It is equipped with a security system for an emergency stop.

24th edition, entirely dedicated to mountain bike

Many chance to try out different models of bikes, then the popular Open Night and a full program of entertainment events will turn this year Riva del Garda into a true paradise for MTB lovers. Bikers at festival will find an exhibition with leading industry brands, plenty of opportunities to test the bikes  in the center of Riva del Garda and the most spectacular events such as the Rocky Mountain Bike Marathon, the Scott Junior Trophy and enduro tests during the weekend.

We will attend Florence Bike Festival

From April 21st to 23rd you will find us at the Expo Village of the bike event. Admission is free and the location is truly extraordinary: the Cascine di Firenze Park. During the three-day event we will present to two wheels lovers a new product. A technical item designed and manufactured for the new season 2017, which will enrich the catalog Gioma Bikestand appreciated both in Italy and abroad.

Florence Bike Festival fifth Edition

The FBF, organized by Veloce Club Firenze, has its top event: the Florence Marathon De Rosa. 130 km up an down on the hills between Fiesole and Mugello, departing from Piazza della Signoria in Firenze Sunday, April 23rd. A major event for thousands of sportsmen and enthusiasts.

The Velodrome

“Among the innovations,” explains Mauro Niccoli and Alessandro Cipriani, the organizers “we have this year the Velodrome Cascine. It will host the first race on the track. But in the city will be held many other events dedicated to the public and visitors. ”

Sun Rise Bike Ride

Saturday, April 22nd the SunriseBike Ride will start in partnership with Uisp Florence, a group bike ride through the streets of the city starting from dawn from Cascine to appreciate the historical, architectural and landscape beauty of Florence. The event is for everyone, families with kids.

Expo village

The expected exhibition event “open air” in Florence’s Cascine Park is back. You will find us here at the expo village of FBF, where companies, products and innovations in the bike world meet cyclists. Florence Bike Festival brings together the world of the cycle manufacturers in exhibition area to present to fans the news and innovations. We look forward to see you there and to show you our 2017 novelties !

Radio, TV, newspapers, social

A cycling festival with a 360 ° communication that appeals to the great world of bike lovers. Florence Bike Festival has prestigious media partners such as the Society Editorial, with their Bicisport, Cycling and MTB Magazines and collaborations with leading newspapers, radio and television.
Florence Bike Festival is a free admission event organized by UISP of Florence Committee, faster Club Florence and SICREA srl. Made with the support of the Tuscany Region, the Metropolitan City and the City of Florence.