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Cosmobike, demonstrations of how to use Electric

Our e-bike repair work benck is a real jewel for the state-of-the-art workshops and modern repair workshops, an advanced work tool that provides highly professional, safe and precise assistance. On display at pad. 6 stand D7-1 with other quality designed products and bike maintenance products, tools and equipment for both professional mechanic and do-it-yourself. Our technicians will show to the mechanics how to use it and let them verify the many benefits.

This extraordinary tool is truly unique in its kind

In fact, not only was the attention of the Italian press specializing as BS Bici Sport (April 2017) and MTB (June 2017), but also an excellent review of Bike Europe, the leading Dutch magazine in the e- bike and cycle market. But how does it work? Electric is equipped with a gearmotor, by operating a pedal device, the counter work plane goes down to floor level. Thanks to a small ramp, you can load the bicycle – which normally weights more than 20 kg – without any effort and place it at the correct height for maintenance. The bench is equipped with a standard emergency stop system.

There are 5 main advantages of this innovative work desk

First: physical ability or muscular effort is not required by the repair bumper for lifting the electric bike. Second: unlike other obsolete systems for fixing the bike, such as bushes or chains, Electric does not compromise the integrity of the chassis during repair, avoid scratches on the paint or accidental dents. Electric is fitted with a front wheel or fork lift and fixing device and is compatible with all tires, as it is equipped with a kit of mounting adapters, also for mono-fork bikes such as Cannondale. Third: reduces e-bike assembly or maintenance time, improves operator performance, both in terms of speed and quality. Fourth: possibility to decide on the exact placement of the work plane. The mechanic intervening on the various parts of the bike is not forced to take wrong positions for the back during the repair. The uphill and downhill are possible thanks to a pantograph system, driven by an electric gearmotor with inverter and worm, pedal board equipped with a safety device for stopping. Fifth: Electric is compatible with all types of bicycles with 12, 15 and 20 mm diameter pivoting pulleys, Down Hill, MTB, Cross Country pincers, for front monoforce like Cannondale, Fulcrum pins, for rear forks width 135/142/145/148/197 mm. It comes with a kit of mounting adapters. It’s a real jewel for cutting-edge workshops and modern repair workshops, an advanced work tool that provides cyclists with highly professional and accurate care.